The Power Of Positive Thinking | 6 Tips To HARNESS Positive Thoughts

The Power Of Positive Thinking | 6 Tips To HARNESS Positive Thoughts

Two words. Positive Thinking. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “ah it’s one of those blogs” but seriously why am I talking about this?

Ladies and Gentleman…understand this…if you harness the power of positive thoughts, you attract positive circumstances. If you have ever heard of the quote, like attracts like, you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about. What you give out, you receive in return.

Now I understand that negativity is something we are accustomed to because negativity is addictive. We are always hearing the word no and are always faced with rejection. Think about it, from a young age we are always hearing the word NO; when we ask for something and your parents say NO, when you’re in school and you step out of the box and you hear NO etc.

There are always rules.

We become so used to it that when we finally hear the word YES, we are surprised. 

Negative thoughts narrows the mind and through thinking negatively you limit your possibilities. When you reframe negative situations though, your mind starts to open up and you easily find the solution to problems.

GOOD NEWS guys and gals, if you want to rewire your brain to start thinking more positively, it is very possible if you are focused on doing so and are dedicated to forming more positive habits. 

These 6 tips will help you to harness positive thoughts. 



Often times there is a misconception when it comes to meditation, that when you are meditating you are trying to clear the mind. In fact the aim of meditation is mindfulness and focus. Naturally our brain is going to wander so it’s not a failure if it does so, you’ll get better over time. All you are trying to do catch it and align it’s focus. 

Why meditate? Well according to several sources it helps to lower stress, improve focus, awareness and we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgement.  It helps you to have an emotional and spiritual recovery

Now I’m no expert when it comes to meditation and there are some really good videos out there which actually teaches you how to do it but from experience a key thing which you are focusing on is your breath and that helps you to get into a relaxed state. 

If you however want to learn how to do it in depth then I’ll link a video below:


Studies show that gratitude makes us happier because it floods the mind with dopamine (aka the feel good hormone) so it drowns out negative thoughts and gives us those positive vibes.

Praise also changes our observation in life and is the basic foundation of governing the Law of Increase. If you want to increase anything in your life, you have to raise it and the more grateful you are the more you are going to receive.

The key thing is, because you are giving out positive energy you are going to receive that back. Simple things like waking up in the morning and smiling and just being thankful that you have woken up to experience another day, can influence your mood and can make a difference with how you treat yourself, others and how others treat you. 


There’s a quote that I got from Jim Rohn, that I absolutely love which is “the best lesson for building character is generosity”. 

When you show kindness, you naturally feel great afterwards but in addition it becomes contagious and it puts whoever is receiving into a grateful mood and then eventually, makes them just wants to pay the same act forward. 

The beauty is that it also makes you feel less stressed, more happy and relating to tip 2, inspires gratitude. So if you struggle with thinking of what you are grateful for, then do something kind for others.


Now I’m going to say something that you won’t like but it’s real…most times we put our importance on empty things. “Oh Damn”, there he said it but listen I have a confession to make…

I also often find myself falling into this trap.

Sometimes I can’t help but to dive into a bit of Netflix and chill (the innocent kind by the way). Sometimes I just want to play a bit of PS4. Sometimes I just want to stare at the wall for absolutely no GODDAMN reason. We are all innocent.


What we need to be aware of is our level of consumption, then making sure we put an importance on focusing on key things that will help you to grow like reading, learning, working on your health, developing new skills or do things that you are passionate about. I guarantee you, if you put emphasis on good habits like these your overall aura will be more positive and you will feel great! Besides if you do so, you are putting yourself ahead of most people.

So make the time.

Even if you have the most busiest schedule on the planet, make time for yourself. Whether you do so or not, it’s completely up to you, but that decision will reflect your level of self-value. 


Unless you want the Joker to put a smile on your face, just take a chill pill. Why you stressing?

Did you know, that stress is often the cause of most things going wrong? 

Understand that when we are stressed, we have automatically pre-conditioned our mind to expect the worst and because we expect the worse, we end up worrying more, so in the end the situation becomes a lot bigger than it is.

Now you don’t need to necessarily resort to medication in order to lower your anxiety, you can do it also through natural methods, such as meditation, which I mentioned earlier, but also by having the mindset that “whatever happens, I’m going to be ok baby”.

So stress less.


Now one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in developing confidence is that whatever you say to yourself and about yourself matters. 

That is literally the underlying principle.

How you talk to yourself.

Now the biggest enemy and obstacle you can face each day is yourself. There’s that part of you that just tries to kick you up the ass or tries to make you feel insecure by highlighting your flaws.  But what’s important is what we choose to listen to and therefore defines the mood we are in throughout the day.

I will admit, sometimes I can also have those days. What I’ve found though is having things like affirmations, can remind you of the person you want to define as and boost confidence.

I’ve actually made a video in regards to affirmations. Check it out below


Also another thing I’ve done in the past, when I would sometimes wake up feeling depressed or insecure, is I would take a piece of paper, title it “The things I like about myself” and just write all the positive attributes about myself. As you are writing, after a while, you find that you end up clearing that negative space and could only focus on the positives.

Try it out for yourself.

If you constantly remind yourself of all the positives about yourself then you have shifted your mental attitude. You harness the power of positive thinking and you can therefore easily reframe any negative situation and laugh in the face of it.


There you have it. The power of positive thinking and 6 tips on how to harness the power of positive thoughts. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve read and gained value. 

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